Fresh from our fields

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that's Wissel Farms.


About Us

Wissel Farms was originally established in 1911. Grandpa Wissel homesteaded the farm and grew everything from beans and potatoes, to popcorn, to 11 grand kids. Over the last 100 years things have changed, but we try to maintain his vision, innovation and competitive spirit.


Wissel Farms has been in the vegetable business since 1989. Starting with 15 acres of sweet corn and continuing to add new products ever since. Our competitive advantages have been our service (i.e. delivery), high quality products, and large selection of products.


We believe our greatest asset is our reputation for being honest and fair to our customers, and employees. We have retained almost every customer today who we sold to in 1989.

Our philosophy has always been that fresh local produce is the only way to go. Consuming products that were grown in the area where you live is both environmentally friendly and supports your local economy. We strive to limit chemical usage to the bare minimum (if at all) and look for greener ways of operating and further conservation around the farm.


We believe in continually reinvesting in our business while looking for new markets and exciting opportunities. Like starting a CSA (Harvest Club) so local people can take full advantage of our fresh produce!

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